Suzanne Cerny


San Francisco, Berkeley, CA


Suzanne Fellerman Cerny (ne Giuriati)
Art becomes a way of life. I decided to pursue art as a career because there were three artists in my immediate family. I didn't learn much about art in the High School of Music and Art. The music students seemed to have a lot more camaraderie and a cousin had studied music there. Art can be a lonely process unless one has a burning desire to advance in a self-motivated direction. I preferred the companionship and the mixture of students in Cooper Union. But there were pitfalls such as locally known artists who were seen up close as to have their own moods. Possibly an introverted personality was too close to home for me. I wanted to get out there in the world and experience life. The pull of nature, the works of Thoreau, were very interesting to me. So after college, after hearing that selling one's soul for commercial practice was not good, I had to get away from the negatives and explore the positives. I preferred the history of art classes where we explored slides of world art, ethnic art, religious art, and illusionist art. Robert Gwathmey 1903-1988 was my favorite drawing teacher. I was aware of his paintings which were rich in color and simple in design but I was not guided to that direction as our painting classes were with thick abstract painting shapes, leading nowhere. Now, fast forwarding many years later, I am able to conceive of the marriage of the two, simple abstraction with color, and as well thickly applied oil in random areas that surprise even me during the process. Nicholas Marsicano (1908 – 1991), American painter and teacher of the New York School was most eloquent in his instruction, invoking characteristics of human development throughout the ages in his attempt to bring the young student out of his or her immature thinking at the moment, into the colorful history of world evolution. Marsicano's energy of thought and expression is still meaningful to me today.
Updated 10/10, 2018


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