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Suzanne Giuriati-Cerny

Suzanne Giuriati-Cerny

El Cerrito, CA


Suzanne Fellerman Cerny (ne Giuriati)

Painting in Italy! I would like to spend a few months, painting in Italy. I spent a month on each of my two visits, one traveling by train in central and northern Italy, and one in the regions of Ravenna and Emilia Romagno. Everything Italian is very exciting to me, because it's new to me, and I consider Italy my birthright and would like to make Italy my second home with dual citizentship. I am currently studying the language.

Art isn't just about what mediums you use, or what subjects. Art becomes a way of life. Once you enter the art mode, and begin to study history of art, world art, ethnic art, religious art and the desired mode of art (for me it is drawing and painting, 2 dimensional illusionist art, it takes over your mind and body and so you just live for it. Everything else is second place. Whether combining your art with a message to the world, or exploring design, color and mediums, you are in a different stage of what you are doing, and it all becomes part of how the visiotrs, the viewers of your art, get to know you. Changes in consciousness, aging, changes in your life, will affect your art and send you into a different period of expression. Art, copying, imagining, feeling, ae all aspects which more or less come through you, as effortlessly as the flight of a bird.
Updated June 27, 2015


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